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Welcome to the Perth Muslim Homeschool Community - Perth Muslim Homeschool Community
Welcome to the Perth Muslim Homeschool Community
Assalamu alaykoum. Welcome to the Perth Mulsim Homeschool Community. This community is for homeschoolers and those considering homeschooling. The purpose of the community is to support each other, share information and for organising events.

Homeschooling is a way of life, so feel free to post about anything related to the teaching and well being of our children. This includes such things as teaching, routines, health etc.

A few rules to follow, insha'Allaah:
  • Please post an introduction after becoming a member so we may all know each other 
  • Include a descriptive subject line
  • Be courteous of others 
  • Remember to add tags to your posts to help others find relevant information easily.
Any posts with links will be moderated before showing up, so please be patient. Jazzak Allaahu khayr.

All posts will only be visible to members of the group, so please become a member of the community and make sure you are logged in to be able to read the entries. If you are having trouble validating your email when you first sign up please read FAQ #11 http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=11

May Allaah enable us all to benefit from this community and help us to worship Him better.
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